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Little Improvements = Big Returns

  • For preparing your home for sale in Victoria, first impression is undoubtedly the last impression. It is important to make sure that no compromise is made to win your buyer over at the outset. If you have taken care to repair for home selling and present it well, clinching the deal becomes that much easier.
  • Dez Mahal can help you in increasing the value and preparing your home for sale with smart home renovations that begin with the exterior and ends with attractive upgrades inside. Dez advices you to fix and repair for home selling and readily refers her team of Victoria home improvement specialists and handymen to help you out.
  • For the final call, Dez reminds that a renovated, well staged Island home is what makes the difference to the dollars in your pocket. However, you don’t always need a huge amount to repair for home selling. It’s the little improvements that reap you big returns!

Small things can make a big difference

  • There is no short-cut to success when you are preparing home for selling on the Island. Unfinished details can dampen your Island home sales just as a well finished decor can drive it up. It’s always a good idea to spruce up both the exterior and interior of your Island home before listing it for sale. But that doesn’t mean you have to undertake extensive or expensive projects to repair for home selling.
  • If you wanted to undertake a large-scale project, you probably wouldn’t be selling! A little effort often greatly enhances the value of your Island real estate. Here are some simple steps for preparing home for sale, increasing value and creating an impactful first impression.

Exterior Repair for Home Selling

  • Trim the lawn
  • Snip hedges and shrubs
  • Weed and edge gardens
  • Clear driveway, clean up oil spills
  • Clean out the garage
  • Power wash
  • Touch up paint
  • Brighten the premises with colourful, inexpensive potted flowers if necessary

Front Entrance Repair

  • Clean porch and foyer
  • Ensure door bell works
  • Repair broken screens
  • Paint or varnish front door
  • Repair door locks and key access

Enhance Home-Appeal

  • Make sure your home smells fresh and clean
  • Turn on lights
  • Turn on air conditioner/heater
  • Open the drapes
  • Light the fireplace

Create Space

  • Clear halls, de-clutter stairway
  • Keep-away surplus furniture
  • Clear kitchen counter and stove top
  • Clear out closets or keep them clean and neat
  • Remove empty boxes and containers
  • Put away personal photos so buyers can envision the house as theirs

Fixtures and Fittings

  • Repair leaking taps and toilets
  • Clean out furnace and filters
  • Tighten door knobs and latches
  • Repair cracked plaster
  • Apply fresh coat of paint or touch up where necessary
  • Clean and repair windows
  • Repair seals around tubs and basins
  • Replace defective light bulbs
  • Grease squeaking doors
  • Repair squeaking floor boards

Scrub and Clean

  • Clean and freshen bathrooms
  • Clean fridge and stove (inside out)
  • Clean heating vents
  • Clean washer and dryer
  • Vacuum clean carpets, clean drapes and window blinds
  • Eliminate pet odors and stains

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